Survey of Load Balancing Methods in Cloud Computing

Authors(3) :-Sachin Shingne, Dr. Umesh K Lilhore, Phiza AmbreenKhan

Now these days cloud computing technology is widely used technology in IT world. Cloud computing serves computing resources as services to cloud users. Cloud computing provides PaaS, IaaS and SaaS services. Cloud uses can be divided in to four major group’s private, public, community and hybrid. Cloud computing reduce cost of ownership. This quality of cloud computing makes it more popular among users. A user can stores their private data over cloud and can access any time. Cloud commuting service are based on “Pay and use based”. Day by day size of cloud users and cloud services are getting increases rapidly. So it is quite challenging for cloud service providers to satisfy cloud user requirement with out and failure in optimum cost. To avoid failure in service and achieved optimum cost various load balancing methods are used. A load balancing is a technique which migrates a job from over loaded machine to an under loaded machine without disturbing current running jobs. In this survey paper we are presenting a review and comparison of various load balancing method suggested by various researchers’ for cloud computing.

Authors and Affiliations

Sachin Shingne
PG Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NRI-IIST Bhopal, Maharashtra, India
Dr. Umesh K Lilhore
PG Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NRI-IIST Bhopal, Maharashtra, India
Phiza AmbreenKhan
PG Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NRI-IIST Bhopal, Maharashtra, India

Cloud computing, load balancing, Performance, optimal utilization, Computing resources

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 3 | March-April 2018
Date of Publication : 2018-04-30
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Page(s) : 116-121
Manuscript Number : CSEIT1183328
Publisher : Technoscience Academy

ISSN : 2456-3307

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