Efficient Access Control for Security of Cloud Storage Systems Using RNS Cryptography

Authors(2) :-B. NVSK Gayathri, G. Rajendra

Developing highlights of the distributed storage administrations empowers information proprietors to store their huge information in the cloud and give the information access to the clients. As protection and security of the cloud server isn't guaranteed, an Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) a promising strategy for information get to control in distributed storage is used in this undertaking. Trait based encryption, particularly for cipher text arrangement quality based encryption, can satisfy the usefulness of fine-grained get to control in distributed storage frameworks. In the proposed conspire, any client can recuperate the outsourced information if and just if this client holds adequate trait mystery keys as for the entrance strategy and approval enter as to the outsourced information. Both the extent of cipher text and the quantity of matching tasks in decoding are consistent, which diminish the communication overhead and algorithm cost of the framework. Residue Number Systems (RNS) are valuable for dispersing vast dynamic range algorithms over little measured rings, which permits the accelerate of algorithms. RNS algorithm will be utilized for the encryption and unscrambling process included, which can be utilized to accomplish performance change as the number-crunching includes littler numbers and should be possible in parallel. This guarantees the framework is quick, most solid and is executed with the minimum computational expenses.

Authors and Affiliations

B. NVSK Gayathri
Student, Department of MCA, , Lakireddy Balireddy Engineering College, Mylavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India
G. Rajendra
Associate Prof, Department of MCA, , Lakireddy Balireddy Engineering College, Mylavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India

Attribute-based encryption, two-factor protection, user-level revocation

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 4 | March-April 2018
Date of Publication : 2018-04-30
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Manuscript Number : CSEIT11833382
Publisher : Technoscience Academy

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