Address Allocation Algorithm with Cooperative Communication in MANET

Authors(3) :-Parameswaran T, Dr.Palanisamy C, Logeshwari N

Wireless sensor network (WSN) has devices with radio transceivers that cooperate to form and continue a fully connected network of sensor nodes. In existing systems, topology control algorithms allow each node in a wireless multi-hop network to adjust the power. It generates the transmission and decides neighbors where it communicates while preserving goals like connectivity or coverage. When a node drains its inadequate energy, it does not reach neighboring nodes resulting in a disjointed network and stopping important communications. With the limited energy, the node does not able to continue the environmental monitoring performance that is important to the efficient operation of the system. In proposed system, MANETs controlled the provision of pre-registered or approved nodes and it has the opportunity for pre-deployed exchange of security parameters like public keys, session keys. Each node in a MANET moves in any direction and changes its links frequently. A low-overhead identity based distributed dynamic address con?guration scheme for secure allocation of IP addresses is used to allow the nodes of a managed mobile ad hoc network. MANET reduces the power usage for each packet transmission and mobile node movement. MANET also improves the security of transmission in mobile networks. Finally, this process conduct the performance metrics are: network overhead, delay time and security level.

Authors and Affiliations

Parameswaran T
Department of CSE, Anna University Regional Campus, Coimbatore. India
Dr.Palanisamy C

Logeshwari N

MANET, low-overhead identity, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Topology Control algorithm, IP Address.

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Date of Publication : 2016-08-30
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