A Survey on Secure Cloud Storage with Techniques Like Data Deduplication and Convergent Key management

Authors(2) :-P. Balasubhramanyam Reddy, G. Nagappan

Data deduplication is a method for removing duplicate copies of data, It has been largely used in cloud storage to reduce storage memory and upload bandwidth. It gives a challenge to do secure deduplication in cloud storage. In encryption methods the keys can be produced but cannot manage huge number of keys. In the first attempt to formally address the problem of achieving efficient and reliable key management in secure deduplication. The general approach in which each user holds an independent master key for encrypting the convergent keys and employing them to the cloud. Such a baseline key management scheme generates an enormous number of keys with the increasing number of users and requires users to allegiance to protect the master keys. The De-key is the process ,which creates new construction in which users do not need to manage any keys on their own but instead of it secure distribute of the convergent key shares across multiple servers. Security analysis demonstrates that De-key is secure in the proposed security model. Proof is that in realistic environment the De-key used in ramp secret sharing .which can Demonstrate.

Authors and Affiliations

P. Balasubhramanyam Reddy
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Saveetha Engineering College, Thandalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
G. Nagappan

De-Duplication, Convergent Encryption, Key Management, Auditing.

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Published in : Volume 1 | Issue 1 | July-August 2016
Date of Publication : 2016-08-30
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Publisher : Technoscience Academy

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