Module Functioning of Computer Worm, PC Virus and Anti Virus Programs

Authors(1) :-Soumen Chakraborty

The normal antivirus method includes detecting the virus, designing a solution, and providing and deploying the solution, in such concern, it is very difficult to hinder each machine from being compromised by way of virus. This paper suggests that to enhance new dependable antivirus program some problems have got to be solved similar to: a brand new system to observe all metamorphic virus copies, new riskless monitoring procedures to observe the brand new viruses or attaching a digital signature and a certificate to every new application.Viruses tends to propagate more slowly in addition they have extra mature defenses due to the presence of a large anti-virus enterprise that actively seeks to establish and manipulate their unfold. Unlike an epidemic laptop worms does no longer have to connect itself to an existing software. Computer worms almost and always motive damage to the community if most effective with the aid of drinking bandwidth whereas viruses quite often corrupt or regulate files on a target laptop. Laptop worms are hated when you consider that they consumes extra Bandwidth and also they could crash computer systems if they're infected with pc worms.

Authors and Affiliations

Soumen Chakraborty
Department of Information Technology, MCKV Institute of Engineering, MAKAUT, West Bengal, India

Computer Worms, Boot Sectors Virus, Antivirus, Scanning, Polymorphic Viruses

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Date of Publication : 2017-02-28
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