UAV based precision agriculture using HIPI

Authors(1) :-Chemwotie Kipkurui Brian

Over a number of years, there has been great movement towards mechanizing agriculture. This has not left out the use of unmanned aircraft Vehicles (UAVs). There has been models created to identify and suggest applicable solutions on the problems identified using the models based on UAVs. Over time, the need for real time identification of problems and their respective solutions has risen. This paper looks into the use of Hadoop Image Processing Interface (HIPI) in development of a model that can be used to provide real time solutions to the farmer based on the images gathered by the UAV on the agricultural fields. HIPI was developed to simplify the parallelization of image processing using Hadoop MapReduce framework.

Authors and Affiliations

Chemwotie Kipkurui Brian
Department of Computing, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi, Kenya

UAV, HIPI, Image

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