Dynamic Droop Load Sharing Scheme and its Stability Analysis in Islanded Microgrids

Authors(2) :-P. Vinay Kumar, K. Jithendra Gowd

This paper represents a dynamic droop load sharing plan in view of the accessible generation limit of the Distributed Generators (DG) units. Since ordinary droop plans share loads relative to units' ratings, they experience the ill effects of the failure to keep up a efficient operating point that their information sustainable power differs; without forcing their new working point on other associated DGs in the microgrid. This issue is essentially because of the lack of care of the droop plan to the varying nature of the sustainable assets utilized including wind and sun powered photovoltaic. A control technique is proposed for PV systems; be that as it may, it is appropriate for a wide range of droop controlled inexhaustible DG utilizing FUZZY logic controller. A stability analysis of the proposed conspire on DG units is additionally introduced to recognize theoretical and practical points of confinement. The proposed conspire distinguishes the DC working zone of the inverter-based source as irradiance level systems and conditions the droop parameters suitably for a efficient load sharing in light of available generation while the rating of every unit is likewise considered. The proposed plot gives energy saving; since energy demand from a neighborhood distribution generator is lessened. The proposed method is validated using MATLAB/SIMULINK simulations.

Authors and Affiliations

P. Vinay Kumar
Department of EEE, JNTUA College of Engineering, Ananthapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India
K. Jithendra Gowd
Department of EEE, JNTUA College of Engineering, Ananthapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India

Droop control, Distributed Generation, Stability analysis, Photovoltaic, Microgrids

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 5 | September-October 2017
Date of Publication : 2017-10-31
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Page(s) : 270-281
Manuscript Number : CSEIT172559
Publisher : Technoscience Academy

ISSN : 2456-3307

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P. Vinay Kumar, K. Jithendra Gowd, "Dynamic Droop Load Sharing Scheme and its Stability Analysis in Islanded Microgrids", International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJSRCSEIT), ISSN : 2456-3307, Volume 2, Issue 5, pp.270-281, September-October-2017.
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