Cube Difference Labeling of Star Related Graphs

Authors(2) :-R. Uma, S. Divya

Let  G = (V(G),E(G)) be a graph.  G  is said to be cube difference labeling if there exist a injection f:V(G)→{0,1,2,…,p-1} such that the induced function f^*:E(G)→N given by  f^* (uv)=|[f(u)]?^3-?[f(v)]^3 | is injective. A graph which satisfies the cube difference labeling is called the cube difference graph. The cube difference labeling of merge graph  (C_3*K_(1,n)), Bistars and the subdivision of the edges of the star graph K_(1,n )  are discussed in this paper.

Authors and Affiliations

R. Uma
Assistant Professor, PG Dept. of Mathematics, Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India
S. Divya
M. Phil Scholar, PG Dept. of Mathematics, Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India

Cube difference labeling, Cycle, Merge graph, bistars and the subdivision of the edges of the stars graph K_(1,n) .

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 5 | September-October 2017
Date of Publication : 2017-10-31
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Page(s) : 298-301
Manuscript Number : CSEIT172563
Publisher : Technoscience Academy

ISSN : 2456-3307

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