Trash Bin Monitoring System By means of Assimilated Expertise

Authors(1) :-R. Meena Gomathi

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be competent to integrate evidently and flawlessly a great number of diverse structures, and provide an open access to designated subcategories of data for the progress of a plethora of digital amenities. Construction of a general architecture for the IoT is henceforth a compound task, predominantly for the reason that the extremely large variety of devices, link layer technologies, and services that may be involved in such a scheme. One of the chief concerns with the environment has been solid waste management, which in addition to distressing the stability of the environment also has contrary effects on the well-being of the humanity. The uncovering, observing and administration of litters is one of the prime complications of the present era. The old-fashioned way of manually monitoring the wastes in trash bins is an intricate, cumbersome procedure and employs more human strength, time and budget which is not apt for the contemporary expertise in any way. The method recommended in this paper is an innovative system in which waste management is computerized. This project of garbage monitoring system is a state-of-the-art system, which will help to keep the cities uncontaminated, and also the key feature of the proposed work is to monitor the garbage bins and inform about the level of garbage collected in the garbage bins with the help of sensors that transmit it to the server at the other end. Thus the received information is sent to the garbage collection vehicles in-order to collect the waste.

Authors and Affiliations

R. Meena Gomathi
M.E. Computer Science and Engineering, K.L.N College of Engineering, Tamilnadu, India

Arduino microcontroller, Solids Waste management, Garbage bin monitoring, Application Resource Manager (ARM), Ultrasonic Sensor, RF Transmitter, Receiver.

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Date of Publication : 2017-12-31
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