A Review on Quality of Service Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Ant Colony Optimization Techniques

Authors(2) :-K. Sumathi, Dr. J. K. Kanimozhi

Mobile Ad-hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes which are connected in dynamic manner and these nodes acts as routers and communicate to each other. Routing is one of the major issues in MANET due to the mobility of the nodes. Routing means the act of transmission of information across an internet work from a source to a destination by connecting various types of nodes. For routing in MANETs, the complexity increases due to various characteristics like dynamic topology, time varying Quality of Service (QoS) requirements, limited resources and energy etc. QoS routing plays an important role for providing QoS in mobile ad hoc networks. The greatest challenge in this type of networks is to find a path between the communication end points satisfying users QoS requirement. Intelligent routing such as ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithms have shown to be a good technique for developing routing algorithms for MANETs. In this paper, a different ant colony optimization based routing protocols are studied.

Authors and Affiliations

K. Sumathi
Research Scholar, Periyar University, Salem, Tamilnadu, India.
Dr. J. K. Kanimozhi
Professor, PG & Research Department of Computer Science, Sengunthar Arts and Science College, Tiruchengode,Tamilnadu, India.

Ant Colony Optimization, Mobile Ad Hoc Network, Quality of Service

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Date of Publication : 2017-12-31
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