Survey on Mobile Cloud Computing : Applications, Techniques and Issues

Authors(1) :-Monika Sharma

The mobile technology becomes robust in the present scenario because now days, mobile devices become capable to support huge variety of applications. On the second thought, the mobile devices are experiencing many challenges as they have narrow pool of resources like battery life, bandwidth and capacity for storing data etc. But after the emergence of mobile cloud computing technologies, the mobile services become more prominent. Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) refers to cluster of cloud computing and mobile networks where mobile applications transfer the computation power and storage from the mobile devices to the cloud to enhance the capabilities of mobile devices. In MCC, computation offloading is a technique that helps in transferring the complex application modules that require intense computation from a mobile device to the resource-rich cloud. The benefits of cloud based computation offloading are that it helps in improving the performance of integrated application, also enhances the overall execution time of the application and improves battery life of mobile devices. This paper focuses on offloading benefits, its techniques, its related issues and challenges.

Authors and Affiliations

Monika Sharma
University Institute of Engineering and Technology Panjab University, Chandigarh, India

Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing, Computation Offloading.

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