Encrypted Email System

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Encryption is of prime importance when confidential data is transmitted over the network. Varied encryption algorithms like AES, DES, RC4 and others are available for the same. The most widely accepted algorithm is AES algorithm. We have developed an application which allows the user to encrypt the messages before it is transmitted over the network. We have used the Advanced Encryption Standards algorithm(512 bits) for encryption and decryption of the data. This application provides a secure, fast, and strong encryption of the data. There is a huge amount of confusion and diffusion of the data during encryption which makes it very difficult for an attacker to interpret the encryption pattern and the plain text form of the encrypted data.The main objective of this paper is to provide stronger security for communication network over the Internet by enhancing the overall strength of the AES algorithm. Rijndael’s algorithm was been selected as the Advanced Encryption Standard. The AES algorithm provides much more security without any limitations. The various uses of this application in real life and its functionality are explained in this paper.

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Computer Department, Vishwatmak Om Gurudev College of Engineering, Maharashtra, India

Web page application, AES algorithm, Cryptography, Decryption, Encryption.

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Date of Publication : 2018-02-28
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