Application Review of Automata Theory

Authors(2) :-Aparna, Dr. Gulshan Goyal

A formal language is described as a set of strings following a defined pattern over a given alphabet. An automaton is a machine, which is used to process the formal languages. The field of automata theory finds number of applications in literature. Present paper reviews few of them. The application domain considered in present study includes compiler design, time granularity, deep packet inspection and DNA evolution. The aim of present study is to explore the applicability of concept in described field. For this, research papers have been reviewed to infer that the principles and concepts of automata are being used in fields as diverse as networking to a field like biology and bio-informatics. From the review, it has been concluded that each automaton, which is available, is a representation of a real-life scenario and they can be used to solve other problems. The review is quite helpful for novel researchers in the field of formal languages and automata theory to understand applicability of field in variety of applications.

Authors and Affiliations

Student, Department of CSE, Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology, Chandigarh, India
Dr. Gulshan Goyal
Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, Chandigarh College of Engineering and technology, Chandigarh, India

Automata, Compiler, Cellular Automata, Time Granularity, Packet Inspection.

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Date of Publication : 2018-02-28
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