Internal Democracy and Democratic Consolidation of People Democratic Party (PDP) In Kogi State

Authors(1) :-S.S. Avidime

The study examined internal democracy and democratic consolidation of people democratic party (PDP) in kogi state. Specifically, the study examined internal democracy and democratic consolidation and the consequences of poor party internal democracy on the party democratic consolidation. The study has its method rooted in the survey design using close and open ended structured questionnaire, textbooks, journals, internet materials, etc. using Multi Stage Sampling, 1919 study participants were randomly selected from the 12 local government, party leaders and these leaders comprised of 8 Local Government party chairmen and four Local Government party secretaries proportionally selected from across the 3 senatorial districts in Kogi State. Data obtained were quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed descriptively on percentage tables using the Special Package for Social Scientist (SPSS). Findings of the study show that; reveals that the level of popular participation in the party was very high, while adherence to nomination process is commendable, however, serious fears were expressed regarding adherence to party policies/constitution by the party leadership. This mixed result for the internal democracy mechanisms invariably has mixed consequences on democratic consolidation, ranging from stalling or abandonment of development projects, intra-party conflicts or violence among others are inevitable outcomes. The results of correlation analysis revealed that the party internal democratic mechanisms had positive impact on democratic consolidation. However, at the 5% level of significance, only adherence to nomination process (r = 0.283; p<0.050) and adherence to party policies (r = 0.046; p<0.050) had significant impact on democratic consolidation. The study recommends that; there is need to strengthen the internal democratic mechanism and legal frameworks for fighting the imposition of candidate within political parties in Nigeria. As things stand now, Nigeria's political parties are still perceived as those whose destinies are in hands of the power-brokers within the parties.

Authors and Affiliations

S.S. Avidime
Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kogi State University Anyigba, Nigeria

Democracy, Internal Democracy, Democratic Consolidation, and Consequences of Poor internal Democracy

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