A Literature Review on Big Data and Time Series

Authors(2) :-Ajla Kirlic, Aldin Hasovic

For people who need to make important decisions there is a lot of data that they need to handle. Huge amount of data known as big data denotes large datasets that have high velocity and variety that makes them hard to handle using some known techniques and tools. Main idea of handling big data is to provide valuable insights for decision makers to make valuable and precise decisions. Best way how to deal with big data is to use big data analytics which includes using time series methodology. This paper has a goal to go through literature that refers to big data, time series and different big data analytics methods using data mining.

Authors and Affiliations

Ajla Kirlic
Information Technology, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Aldin Hasovic
BHANSA-BiH Air Navigation Service Agency, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Big Data, Data Mining, Forecasting, Time Series

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