An investigation of Face Matching and Retrieval in Cyber Forensics Applications

Authors(1) :-Dr. I. Lakshmi

A latent fingerprint on the counter. A drop of blood on the floor. Law enforcement has successfully used these forensic clues to catch criminals for decades. But consider a face image captured by a surveillance camera that needs to be matched against millions of mug shots across the country. With the rapid increase in the number of surveillance cameras and mobile devices with built-in cameras, the forensics world is changing, and the progress in face recognition is helping to lead the way. In fact, in 2009, an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras were deployed in the US, shooting 4 billion hours of footage a week.[1 ] However, although recent research advances have helped lay the foundations for realizing face-matching scenarios for utilizing this data, face recognition in the forensics arena still poses a number of challenges. This article highlights the challenges in applying face-recognition technology to forensics applications. We explain why forensic face recognition differs from typical portrait face recognition and why a human examiner is often needed to carefully interpret and verify the matching results. Furthermore, we address three specific research problems that pose challenges to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) face recognition systems (FRSs):

  • robustness to facial aging,
  • retrieval using facial scars and marks, and
  • matching forensic (composite) sketches to
  • face photograph databases.

Solutions to these three problems are necessary to accurately remove duplicates in various

government face databases, including mug shot, passport, and driver license photos (aging-invariant FRS); to search a large face database when only partial or low-quality face images are available (scar and mark matching); and to apprehend criminals when no photo of the suspect is available (sketch to- photo matching). Additionally, we discuss methods that can augment existing COTS face-recognition systems by improving the quality of a face image prior to submission.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. I. Lakshmi
Assistant Professor, Department Of Computer Science, Stella Maris College, Chennai, Bengal, India

Photo Matching, COTS Face-Recognition Systems-FRS

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