Drowsy Driver Detection System

Authors(3) :-Gude Ramarao , S. Somnath, D. V. Sashidhar Yadav

Every year the amounts of deaths and injuries are increasing in traffic accidents due to human errors. Drowsiness and driving is a very hazardous and it is very difficult to identify. After alcohol drowsiness is the second leading cause of the road accidents. People are conscious about the risk of drinking and driving but don't realize the dangerous of drowsiness because no instruments exist to measure the driver drowsiness. This paper presents a new approach towards automobile safety and security. In recent time's automobile fatigue related crashes have really magnified. In order to minimize these issues, we have incorporated an improved sleep detection and driver alert system by monitoring the driver's eyes. This describes how to find and track the eyes. We also describe a method that can determine if the eyes are open or closed. The main criterion of this system is that it must be highly non-intrusive and it should start when the ignition is turned on without having at the driver initiate the system. Nor should the driver be responsible for providing any feedback to the system. The system must also operate regardless of the texture and the color of the face. It must also be able to handle diverse condition such as changes in light, shadows, reflections etc. In given paper a drowsy driver warning system using image processing.

Authors and Affiliations

Gude Ramarao
Associate Professor, Department of ECE, G.Pullaiah College of Engineering and Technology, Pudur, Andhra Pradesh, India
S. Somnath
B. Tech, G. Pullaiah College of Engineering And Technology, Pudur, Andhra Pradesh, India
D. V. Sashidhar Yadav

Face, Accuracy, Vehicles, Feature extraction, Fatigue, Face detection.

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Date of Publication : 2018-04-30
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