A Novel Scheme of Computing : Green Cloud Computing

Authors(2) :-Kancharana Nithin Kumar , Richa Vasuja

Now a day's, internet plays a major role in a person's daily life. For that internet we need some remote servers to run. In cloud computing, the network of remote servers are used to deliver the host services to the user. The word Cloud Computing elucidates that using the remote servers in internet we can store, manage and process the data. The users of cloud computing are increasing day by day. So, to host the services efficiently the cloud service providers compelled to open more data centers. Due to this high pursuing of humans on cloud computing it leads to high energy consumption of data centers. This high energy consumption leads to increase in operational cost. It not only increased the operational cost but also it affects the environment by emission of the carbon gas. So, to make cloud computing as eco-friendly, we need some solutions for energy-efficient. Hence, this paper provides a better understanding and incentive on green computing. It also discusses the usage of compelling the green computing.

Authors and Affiliations

Kancharana Nithin Kumar
Computer Science and Engineering Department, Chandigarh University, Punjab, India
Richa Vasuja
Assistant Professor Computer Science and Engineering Department, Chandigarh University, Punjab, India

Recycle, Reuse, Energy Efficiency, Power Management and Green Cloud.

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 3 | March-April 2018
Date of Publication : 2018-04-30
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