A Novel Intra-Cluster Communication Scheme for Improving Energy Efficiency with Variable Size

Authors(1) :-A. Gowthami

Wireless sensor network (WSN) refers to a group of spatially distributed and dedicated sensors for observation and recording the physical conditions of the surroundings and organizing the collected information at a central location. In existing system, the GEDAR routing protocol for UWSNs. GEDAR is an any forged, geographic and timeserving routing protocol that routes information packets from device nodes to multiple sonobuoys (sinks) at the sea’s surface. Once the node is in a very communication void region, GEDAR switches to the recovery mode procedure that relies on topology management through the depth adjustment of the void nodes, rather than the normal approaches victimization management messages to find and maintain routing ways on void regions. In projected system, wherever the scale of clusters is variable in order that the nearer clusters to the base station (BS) have a smaller size than farther ones. Moreover, in every cluster, victimization some intelligent fuzzy rules and in a much redistributed means, a completely unique sub tree strategy is set. During this means, some parent nodes are chosen that are liable for aggregation and aggregating information from their adjacent standard nodes and causing them to its cluster head, directly or via different parent nodes that well decreases intra-cluster communication energy prices. What is more, these 2 compatible techniques will fairly mitigate the new spot drawback ensuing from multi-hop communication with the BS. The simulations results demonstrate that the proposed protocol outperforms 2 energy-efficient protocols named DSBCA and LEACH in terms of useful network longevity for each small-scale and large-scale device networks.

Authors and Affiliations

A. Gowthami
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MITS, Angallu, India

Wireless sensor network (WSN), UWSNs, Multi-Hop Communication, Multi-Layered Clustering Protocol

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