Audio Steganography

Authors(2) :-Sanju, Mamta Yadav

Audio steganography is the scheme of hiding the existence of secret information by concealing it into another medium such as audio file. In this paper we mainly discuss different types of audio steganographic methods, advantages and disadvantages. The rapid spread in digital data usage in many real life applications have urged new and effective ways to ensure their security. Efficient secrecy can be achieved, at least in part, by implementing steganograhy techniques. Novel and versatile audio steganographic methods have been proposed. The goal of steganographic systems is to obtain secure and robust way to conceal high rate of secret data. We focus in this paper on digital audio steganography, which has emerged as a prominent source of data hiding across novel telecommunication technologies such as covered voice-over-IP, audio conferencing, etc. The multitude of steganographic criteria has led to a great diversity in these system design techniques. In this paper, we review current digital audio steganographic techniques and we evaluate their performance based on robustness, security and hiding capacity indicators. Another contribution of this paper is the provision of a robustness-based classification of steganographic models depending on their occurrence in the embedding process.

Authors and Affiliations

M.Tech Scholar CSE, M.D.U Rohtak,YCET Narnaul, Mahendergarh, Haryana, India
Mamta Yadav
Assistant Professor, CSE, M.D.U Rohtak,YCET Narnaul, Mahendergarh, Haryana, India

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