Recognizing and removing of similar Data for Information Processing and Storing in Cloud

Authors(2) :-Gundluru PadmajaKumari, C. Govardhan

Attribute-based encryption (ABE) has been wide utilized in cloud computing wherever a data provider outsources his/her encrypted information to a cloud service provider, and might share the data with users possessing specific credentials (or attributes). However, the standard ABE system doesn't support secure deduplication, which is crucial for eliminating duplicate copies of identical data inorder to save lots of cupboard space and network information measure. During this paper, we have a tendency to gift DARE, a low-overhead Deduplication-Aware resemblance detection and Elimination theme that effectively exploits existing duplicate-adjacency data for extremely economical likeness detection in data deduplication based mostly backup/archiving storage systems. the most plan behind DARE is to use a theme, call Duplicate-Adjacency based mostly likeness Detection (DupAdj), by considering any 2 information chunks to be similar (i.e., candidates for delta compression) if their various adjacent information chunks are duplicate during a deduplication system, and so any enhance the resemblance detection efficiency by AN improved super-feature approach.

Authors and Affiliations

Gundluru PadmajaKumari
M.Tech, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KMM Institute of Technology and Sciences, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India
C. Govardhan
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KMM Institute of Technology and Sciences, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India

Data deduplication, delta compression, storage system, index structure, performance evaluation, ABE

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 6 | July-August 2018
Date of Publication : 2018-07-30
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Page(s) : 527-534
Manuscript Number : CSEIT183652
Publisher : Technoscience Academy

ISSN : 2456-3307

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Gundluru PadmajaKumari, C. Govardhan, "Recognizing and removing of similar Data for Information Processing and Storing in Cloud", International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJSRCSEIT), ISSN : 2456-3307, Volume 3, Issue 6, pp.527-534, July-August-2018.
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