Neural Networks

Authors(1) :-Andrews Bernard K

Artificial neural networks have emerged from the studies of how brain performs. The human brain consists of many millions of individual processing elements, called neurons that are highly interconnected. Information from the outputs of the neurons, in the form of electric pulses is received by the cells at connections called synapses. The synapses connect to the cell inputs, or dendrites and the single output the neuron appears at the axon. An electric pulse is sent down the axon when the total input stimuli for all of the dendrites exceed a certain threshold. Artificial neural networks are made up of simplified individual models of the biological neuron that are connected together to form a network. Information is stored in the network in the form of weights or different connections strengths associated with synapses in the artificial neuron models.

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Andrews Bernard K
PG Research, Department of Computer Science, Shanmuga Industries Arts & Science College Thiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu, India

Human Brain, Neural Networks, ANN

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